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I'm having a little mini-depression, no biggie, so I've spent the last few days watching the Peggster on YouTube, listening to Hot Fuzz commentaries and gazing at Pegg pics.  Fuuuck, I'm all Pegg'd out.  

No, not really.


I really need the advice and encouragement of my friends right now.  Here's the thing, I know I need to go to the dentist (I have known this for years now) but I am dental phobic.  I'm not terrified or anything, but I get extremely anxious at the mere thought of entering a dental surgery and am fearful of the pain (more like discomfort really) that treatment will bring.  I also don't like the smell and noises associated with dentistry.

I've never had a single positive dental experience.  I've never gone for a check-up and been given the all-clear.  I've always needed treatments, starting about age 10 with extractions and fillings, then orthodontic treatment until I was about 13.  After that I steered well clear and I would only go to a dental hospital when I was in agony with toothache, which always resulted in an extraction (about 4 in a 2-3 year period).  Not good at all.  

The last time I went, which was about 3 years ago, I was told I had periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease.  It would appear to be mild to moderate - my gums have receded slightly and gaps are forming between some of my teeth but there is no pain, no loose teeth, and my gums are still firm and pink.  I'm hoping therefore that I'll only need a few deep cleanings and not any kind of periodontal surgery, which I think is for really advanced cases only.  I've put my gum condition to the back of my mind but on Saturday, for some reason, it popped into my head and wouldn't leave.  I was online all Saturday night and all of today reading about treatments and success stories from other phobics and I felt a bit better but SHIT I am still so scared.  :(

Please, can anyone reassure me or kick my ass to get to a dentist.  I'll have to register with a new one now that I've moved house, or maybe go private.  I just want this worry to go away so that I can get a good nights sleep but I'm so scared of dentists.  I know that every time I do make myself go the imagined outcome is always much worse than the reality but still - so scared.

Photo Fetish

Stolen from everyone!

Name up to three aspects of my life you want me to photograph. 
They can be specific (my garden), or not so specific (something blue).

Ahoy-hoy! All Aboard!

I love Mulder/Scully.  
I love Booth/Brennan.  
I love Josh/Donna.  
I love John/Aeryn.  
I love House/Cameron.  
I love Tim/Daisy.  
I love Jonathan/Maddie.

Yes, I am a geek and thoroughly unashamed.  I love SHIPS and I want MORE!!

So, peeps, give me all your ships.  Throw them at me hard!  Except for Lost cos I'm not interested in that.

Thanks and mwah!

And to a certain friend going through shit on LJ right now: I love you and stay strong.

First Impressions

The sign for my village reads "Kirknewton please drive slowly", only someone has painted over the r and the v of "drive".   Some people are lovely.

Jun. 13th, 2007


or hormonal may be a more accurate way to describe me. Yes, sorry to be a total girl but I have had PMS for the last 3 days and I just want to smack bitches for looking my way.  I'm not normally psycho at all; I'm much more likely to burst into tears over washing liquid ads and things like that, but a colleague was quite dismissive the other day and it set me on the rocky path to badmoodsville and I haven't left yet.    Booo.

And I can't stop eating junk!!   I mean really excessively.  I've had muffins or chocolate for breakfast and ate my way through an entire tube of Pringles in one day.   No wonder I am gaining weight!!!!

I spent last night looking through the darker side of blogging. To say it is a chilling read is a vast understatement. If anyone is interested in true crime and is unfamiliar with Joseph Duncan's atrocities, you can check out his case at Crime Library.   It is a fascinating read if you are into psychology or case studies of sociopaths.

After reading his entries, and looking at a few My Space profiles of people who have committed or been the victim of crime, I felt really cold inside and freaked out and it really took the fluffiness away from LJ.  I couldn't sleep last night and the feeling has stayed with me all day today.  I shouldn't look at dark shit like that!!

Tomb Raider, Antibiotics and Music

Wow, it's been a while since I updated.

*watches tumbleweed roll past*

I thought I'd just post a really pointless entry for a change. Why not? Does anyone else love Tomb Raider? I am playing Anniversary right now and it's great! I love me some Lara Croft. ♥

I have had hayfever on and off for a week now. Shitting shit it!! Runny noses and itchy eyes are not at all enjoyable. But it's not as bad as my poor mum, who was run down and had a cold that got worse, turned into a cough, which got worse, which turned into a chest and ear infection. She's on antibiotics but it still quite weak. And she's supposed to go back to work on Monday!! I am not good around sick people. I handle it better when it's me that's ill.

MUSIC! Please tell me what alternative/prog rock/electronic stuff you are all into. My search for new artists continues.

Music and dancing and hacking (oh my!)

Some of my new fav sounds -

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Fuzz Townshend
Eagles of Death Metal
The Presets
Husky Rescue
Kings of Leon
The Subways
The National

And I LOVE this classic. Best video EVA!

For those of you who are familiar with the evil loser XF hacker situation, I hope to be back posting at my icon journal soon. I wanted to lay low for a bit but I'm resenting having to do it so...

hair, blackbird and cactii

My hair has needed a cut for a while.  It was at that shapeless, dry, dull curtains stage so I spent over 2 hours in the salon and here's the result.

Playlist #01

I'm going through another phase of wanting as much music as possible.  I do this every so often.  There's nothing quite like downloading lots of new tunes and listening to them for the first time.  Really, who doesn't love music?  So I'm going to start posting playlists of my latest tracks.  If you're anything like me you'll go off and check out any artists you haven't heard of, and hopefully discover some amazing stuff.  I also just thought it would be interesting to look back and see how my music taste changes.  :)  If I can figure out how to, I'll post downloadable links.  Oh, and COMMENT WITH YOUR OWN RECOMMENDATIONS.  LET'S SPREAD THE MUSIC LOVE!!

Gravity's Bringing Us Down - Beulah
I love the singers vocals.  Beulah's songs have a light, Beach Boys-esque quality that never fail to make me smile and feel all Summery.
Beautiful World - Coldplay
Far and away my favourite Coldplay track.  It sends shivers down my spine to this day.  From Chris Martin's haunting vocals to that perfect, perfect guitar.  If you haven't yet heard this song, search it out now!
Romantic Rights - Death From Above 1979
These guys are rockin'!  Their blend of infectious beats and thrashing guitar will make you prance about madly.   My favourite of theirs is Sexy Results.
Tame - The Pixies
I discovered The Pixies a few years ago and quickly downloaded everything I could lay my hands on.  I just adore their unique sound.  This track is short and sweet but it packs quite a punch.  I challenge you not to tap your feet to the opening chords.
Girl Inform Me - The Shins
I love the drumbeat throughout this; it makes me feel high.  That is all.
Golden Brown - The Stranglers
I've loved this song since I was very young and it certainly stands the test of time.  I can't even begin to descibe how great it is.  It's just a massive monster of a track.
Let Me Show You - Camisra
A club classic that still gets the blood pumping.  As featured in that awesome clubbing episode of Spaced.
I want You To Know - Charlotte Hatherley
Ex-Ash member turned solo rocker, Charlotte has a great voice and her songs are some of the catchiest I've heard in a while.
Battle of the Planets - Fader Gladiator
Another Spaced track.  Close your eyes and just feel the pounding beat.  That is all.
Trains to Brazil - Guillemots
You know those tracks that are blah to begin with but grow on you with each listen?  That was the case with this song.  Sit in the sunshine, push up the volume on this tracks and close your eyes.  It will make you smile, I promise.
Synasthesia - Junkie XL
It was a toss-up between this track and Josh Wink's Higher State of Consciousness which is also great.  I opted for this because it's still quite new to me and rather exciting.  Again, just an awesomely infectious beat.
Disco Friends - Just Jack
I don't normally go for these cockney-sounding guys that half talk their way through tracks but Just Jack has such a smooth, mellow sound I found myself unable to resist.  It rarely happens but I adored this track on the first listen.
Staralfur - Sigur Ros
If you check out only one track from this playlist, make it this one.  Sweeping, moving and epic; in the right mood this track will make you cry.  It is absolutely beautiful.
Textbook - We Are Scientists
This track has a nice 80s vibe to it.   Don't know if that's a good thing or not but I love it and will definitely be downloading more from this band.
Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Another band with a great sound.  I adore the female leads vocals - very Chrissy Hynde-esque.